Our Politics

  • Technology: We use the last web technologies for developing our games. The programation of the games is done with an specific architecture based in the flexibility and data gestion that don't depends on the rules of the game that could seem rigids. Our games, full developed with AJAX technology, have much more posibilities than other web games.

  • Design: Games developed in Hiddenstation are designed thinking on the fun and pleasure of our players, taking care of the... of the game , the creation of well-balanced game systems and the theme of the game.

  • Community: Multiplayer games such "Shogun's Fate" have an strong inducement creating a great player community that interact between them. In Hiddenstation we try to maintain and increase that community. Also we listen their suggestions to create a funny game for any kind of players.

  • History

    Hiddenstation borns in Zaragoza. Three engineers develope by their own "Shogun's Fate". They present the game as their respective end-career project.

    With an increasing community, the game continues its developing. Its time to foundate Hiddenstation, a company based in the developing of web browser games.

    Shogun's Fate is a dream come true with a community formed by thousands of players.